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Katie Aitken - Videogame Character Montage


Abigail The Wizards Dark Times voice by British female voice actress Katie Aitken

The videogame industry, from solo indie developers all the way up to AAA studios, is an incredibly exciting space to be a part of!

I've been a gamer since I was 4 years old so to now have the opportunity to actually voice characters in games is one of the greatest pleasures of my creative career.

Choosing the right voice actor to bring your character to life is a crucial decision. You need a voice actor who can share your vision of the character, take direction well and bring their own creative flair and confident performance skills to round out the character.

Chef White Instagram Play Along Voiced by Katie Aitken
Necross character from Battle Craze video game voiced by British voice actress Katie Aitken
Video game villain character Abigail from The Wizards Dark Times voiced by professional voice actress Katie Aitken

Need Additional Assistance?

In addition to voice acting, I have assisted game devs with:
Script editing 

I am an experienced character actress and skilled performing in numerous accents. My ability to make each character individual and distinguishable has allowed me to provide several different characters within the same production before.


As a voice actress, fully immersing myself into becoming different characters is an absolute joy.

As well as voice acting, I am experienced in providing motion capture performance for productions that require it!

If you're working on a game and have reached the stage of casting your characters, don't hesitate to send me a message if I might be a good fit for a role (or 2... or 3!)

Professional British Voice Over Artist
voice over microphone
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