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Katie Aitken - Commercial Montage


Choosing a voice to suit your brand is just one small piece of the commercial-making puzzle - but, an absolutely essential one that you need to get right!


How a voice over will interpret your words and create a vibe that resonates with your target audience makes all the difference.


Not only that, you need to find a voice over artist who can seamlessly slot into the final stages of your project, able to quickly identify the overall tone and messaging of your brand and product. And naturally, you want someone friendly, adaptable and easy to work with, whilst also being collaborative, listening to your needs and direction!

Katie smashed it! She was incredibly professional and very patient! I'm really happy with the results and the client was delighted. What's more, we managed to record 4 scripts during the session and turned around a radio ad in 48 hours, which we simply couldn't have done without Katie.

Rupert M. - Sidekick Studios

Tide Business Bank radio advert voice over by British voice over artist Katie Aitken

Radio commercial,
UK national campaign

Dulcolax TV advert voice over by professional British voice over artist Katie Aitken

TV & Online commercial, UK national campaign

Professional British female voice over artist Katie Aitken

I can also perform voice overs in an American accent, like this commercial I did for Bios Park!

american flag

I have provided commercial voiceover for campaigns that have appeared on TV, radio and online.

Having been in the voiceover industry for over a decade, I have the experience to be truly versatile in the performances I can give. So whether you want upbeat enthusiasm or soothing instrospection or a very natural, conversational style, I've got you covered.

If you think a British female voiceover with a neutral English accent would best communicate your brands message and elevate your product, get in touch with me! And if you have any questions or would like a free custom voice demo, don't hesitate to ask!



Professional British Voice Over Artist
voice over microphone
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