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Audioguides are such a wonderful addition to sites of interest that are open to the public! It can boost the interest level of visitors and make their experience far more valuable.


If you are in need of a British English voice over artist for an audioguide, there are a couple of things to bear in mind when choosing who to go for.

Firstly, is your audioguide very long? Then you need a voiceover that is engaging but also consistent.

Secondly, does your audioguide have different characters as guides - or feature quotes and excerpts by different people that need brining to life? Then you need a voice over artist who is comfortable performing as multiple characters.


I am very experienced in providing the voiceover for audioguide projects and I love doing it! I've worked on audioguides for art galleries, science museums, historical houses and city tour buses! 

My neutral English accent is an ideal choice for an audioguide voiceover. I can also adapt the tone and style depending on the audioguide experience you want to create - from a fun and conversational voiceover to a more informative and authoritative voiceover. 

If you are searching for an experienced British female audioguide voiceover, then get in touch and let me know the details!

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