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Katie Aitken - Elearning Montage


E-learning is an ever-growing market for businesses, targeting either their employees or their customers - for schools targeting children and adolescents - or online courses, targeting adults. And they all require a different approach to the copy and the voiceover style!


Providing English voiceover for educational material is where my career began back in 2012, and has been a consistent genre that I have voiced since then! 


A voice over artist that has clear enunciation and knows how to inject the right amount of inflection to ensure an engaged audience is important for any e-learning material (and perhaps even more so when there is a lot of content to get through or the material is particularly technical.)   

Professional British voice over with own home recording facilities

 For children's e-learning projects, I use my fun, friendly English voiceover style. Whereas for other e-learning projects that may contain a lot of technical jargon such as such as for engineering, mechanical or medical content, my neutral British voice is articulate and I inject some of my dynamic voiceover style to keep it interesting, yet professional.

Whatever your e-learning project, I am here to help. Contact me if you would like to discuss your project further or if I can clear up and queries you may have!

Katie Aitken is an experienced British female voice over artist
Professional British Voice Over Artist
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